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By Sandman

16 thoughts on “(40) BARE BONES LOCK PICKS”
  1. Wowza. That's the stuff from down under! Yes, Bones does give as many stickers to everyone who buys (and personalised to your name if you get into contact with them for that!). He's a great guy, and is very active in the Australian discord as well as popping his head in sometimes to LPU.

    I'm excited for the future reviews on these, having worked with this company closely! I'll get into contact with Bare Bones and see if the roll-case can't be fixed to reduce the effect. I've had that issue as well to a lesser extent on mine. I believe it to be an issue of the coating on the DLP resin handles which is used so that they maintain their form for longer. It should not happen with the bare picks.

    The Femur handle (the big chunky one that took your naked pick) is an interchangeable handle. That knife tool (or the Bones Shank, as it's called on the website) holds a chamfered blade (so you don't cut yourself) that is great for c clip removal and prying. It's 1mm thick at its thinnest part of the blade and tapers out to give better leverage.

    Everything metal, and I mean everything made from metal, is made of 301 HY. Except the magnets that he sells for magnetic picks. Those are neodymium.

    As you said, Bones supports LLT. That's because he's an official reseller of their products down under if people don't want to have to pay their shipping/wait that long. It's quite excellent! I believe he's also looking to get into Jimy's stuff and see about reselling those down here as well.

    Good on you for getting the ball rolling for the Bare Bones stuff mate. Hope to see more soon.

  2. Yo my dude, great stuff as always. I just bought that echelon set from covert. I still want to see your opinion on the swick. I carry that thing in my pocket everyday. Keep it up yo!

    Edit : side note, any thoughts on the Christina Palmer set vs Lock Noobs set? Those are the only sets I plan on snagging in the future (at this time).

  3. Wow! A country that actually costs less than Canadian, compared to USA and UK. Love their various handles. Will spend some time on their site. The tool with red handle was first made to take the back of a watch (but there are several back closures.).

  4. So many cool items from Bones. Bit hard to know where to start with a review, The picks, Handles or accessories. All quality gear. Glad you were able to get all the latest Bones in time for Halloween, cheers

  5. Brilliant buddy. Im going to have to look on their site. If you think they are better than Petersons, I may purchase a few of my go to pick profiles from Bare Bones and give them a try 👍👍

  6. Sandman, your videos are Tier 1. Actually, your entire channel is Tier 1. It's true. Super excited for the next videos in your Bare Bones series, and it's so cool that you're releasing those around this time of year, excellent choice. Happy Halloween in advance! 💀🎃🍁

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