🔑 Are you an automotive locksmith looking to streamline your work and enhance your skills? Look no further! In this video, we introduce you to the must-have tool that will revolutionize your flip key locksmithing game – the Flip Key Pin Removal Tool.

🔧 Designed with locksmiths in mind, this tool is a game-changer for those dealing with automotive flip keys. Say goodbye to the hassle of roll pin removal and insertion. The Flip Key Pin Removal Tool comes equipped with two ejector pins to effortlessly eradicate the roll pin and two push pins for seamless reinsertion.

✅ Why choose the Flip Key Pin Removal Tool?

Precision and Efficiency: Save time and effort with precise roll pin handling.
Versatility: Compatible with a wide range of flip keys, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit.
Enhanced Productivity: Speed up your locksmithing tasks and increase your productivity.
Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, this tool is built to withstand the demands of your profession.

🔗Flip Key Pin Removal Tool: https://www.clksupplies.com/products/flip-key-pin-removal-tool
🔗Flip Key Pin Remover 4-Piece Replacement Set: https://www.clksupplies.com/products/flip-key-pin-remover-4-piece-replacement-set?_pos=2&_sid=d9815f1bd&_ss=r
🔗Set of Replacement Roll Pins & Screws: https://www.clksupplies.com/products/set-of-replacement-roll-pins-screws?_pos=2&_sid=b96b2881b&_ss=r

📺Unboxing & Review: The Essential Roll Pins & Screws Set for Remote Refurbishing #lockboss:

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Locksmithing is what PJ knows, he grew up watching his dad locksmith. PJ started his locksmith training at age 6 by learning how to cut a key! PJ, President of CLK Supplies shows locksmith tips, does locksmith training videos as a sort of locksmith school, interviews locksmiths goes over locksmith equipment, key cutting machines, and more. If you are interested in locksmithing, want to know how to use locksmith tools, or would like to learn a few new locksmith tricks you are in the right place. Welcome!


27 thoughts on “Affordable Excellence: The Flip Key Pin Removal #Tool Every”
  1. Hey buddy do you have any idea on how to deal with fake reviews on local service ads I had 2 companies and had to close both because on one I got 100 1star fake reviews same with the other one they dripped both to 2.5 star from 5 star and I submitted a form to google but they will not remove it because I guess those fake reviews are not violating any Google policies and I had to close because no one will call the ones that will call me they where just money burners thanks if anyone know what to do ok let me know thanks

  2. I love those tools. Buy some replacement pins though to keep as extras. You wouldn’t think those pins are bad to get in and out but having the right tool makes it a cinch! The little kit full of pins for only a couple bucks is a lifesaver too. #LockBoss.

  3. This is definitely a must it’s small mobile and effective. The one at my work place is stationary and it’s just hard to work with even if it’s nice. This is definitely a must have for a future #Lockboss tool.

  4. Nice tool good price but it's just a watch band link tool repurposed but these are easy to use. I use a gun punch set because it holds my pin to get it started on hard pins and one size doesn't fit all, it can be a pain with punches so I will have to pick one of these up for backup #Lockboss I'll be putting a magnet on mine I'm not chasing pins lol

  5. I love this roll pin tool! Nothing like the feeling when you get the precession feeling of pushing a pin and pushing a pin straight out! I do go through a few bits as they brake if you are not paying attention if you are not straight on the roll pin. But has save me a bunch of times for quick blade swaps. Deff recommend! Order spare bits to keep on hand got mines from PJ n the CLK supply team. #Lockboss

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