You were just involved in a defensive gun use and survived: amazing.

But now, you are about to start the 2nd round of your lethal force encounter that night: with the law. Every word you utter and statement you make to 911 and law enforcement can and WILL be used against you in a court of law.

So what DO you say? What do you NOT say? How specific should you be?

Attorney Tom Grieve weaves you around the landmines of dealing with the highly trained and well intentioned professionals who answer our emergency calls when we need them.

Also, see why you MUST win the race to 911, here

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32 thoughts on “Don't Tell 911 THIS Information After A Self-Defense”
  1. I half expected the video to go like this……."here are four things you shouldn't tell 911 operators after a self defense incident….. check you local listings.. thanks for watching" 😂😂

  2. The biggest heartbreak of my adult life is the realization that our court system will do whatever it can to attack law-biding patriots who defend their lives and loved ones.
    Thank you for posting this.

  3. Another channel advised to oretty much what you gave stated, but added to tell the cops that you have been through a tramatic experience and want to go an ER to be checked out by a dr. What is your thought on this? Also was stated keeps them from talking to you for 3 days?

    Also with just giving them the basic information whats to keep them from trying to or actually arresting you for hindering a criminal investigation? Yes i know its a ploy to keep you talking, but i wonder if that gas been done before?

  4. But how do i stay on the line and call USCCA at the same time as is prescribed by them?
    ( our cell coverage is 1 bar signal on a good day. we have a landline for that reason.)

  5. In my class we were told to say shots fired, man down, send an ambulance, and then shut up. Keep scene safe until law enforcement arrives Once law enforcement arrives immediately surrender and immediately invoke your right to an attorney before answering any questions.

  6. people often forget that self defense event may have been something else. there are people out there who use and abuse the system, including the self defense part … many family members died in a self defense situation … ''i thought there was a breaking in'' … there was not, was it an bad call or a … maybe insurance scam from a dead partner ?

    there are some other where the person gets invited to ''sort out'' an previous argument and the invited end up dead …

    just throwing a rock in the pond … theres a lot of rocks out there.

    is there misaps by the system…sure, in Texas they have up to 4% of deathrow that are actually innocent of their crime, they still get RIP.

  7. First of all, another GREAT video! Fantastic advice. The number 1 thing I remember from my ccw training was my instructor who is a South Carolina SLED agent kept repeating, "Be a great witness". That was the thing I remember the most. I have a tremendous amount of hands on training with firearms of all types, including force on force, CQB, etc. I am the type of person who over the years has been able to get my lower functioning brain, some call it your caveman or lizard brain under control, so my higher functioning brain can figure out what to do. I ALWAYS remain calm. The worse a situation gets, the calmer I become. I develop a very heightened sense of things. Meaning my SA goes through the roof, lol. But always being a great witness can really help you in the long run, when you're alone with your attorney. If you can accurately recall the details of what exactly transpired, how, when and where, with accuracy that forensics can back up. It's going to make everyone's job and life a lot easier. I may be wrong in this, but my experience as a juror, etc has always been that the prosecutor or DA's office is out for a win no matter what!!!! That's all that matters to them. Forget the fact that the defendant is innocent, the da will spin it to make the innocent look guilty! That's why I do not care for prosecutors and will not talk to one without my attorney. I won't talk to the police without an attorney. I thank God almighty above for the 5th amendment!!!

  8. I really appreciate the in-depth discussion about what to say in case of one of these events. Through my training, I understand you need to emphasize that you feared for your life. Knowing what to say without the adrenaline dump is one thing, keeping your mouth shut and thinking about what you should and shouldn't say would be another after the event with that dump….. well. I have gone through scenarios with actors and it is amazing how small your vision gets during the training event. This is not even real and yet you miss things because of tunnel vision. Keep up the great work and thank you.

  9. People still trust the Justice system for some reason. A state trooper friend of mine told me years ago- If an intruder breaks into your home and you wind up killing them- Have someone Stab you in the leg & cut up your forearms. Otherwise your going to prison for Manslaughter or even Murder.

  10. Short answer:
    1) Call 911
    2) Report that your or someone MAY HAVE been (pick one) injured/shot/threatened.
    3) Keep the line open.
    4) Upon LEO arrival, state either or both, you shot to stop the threat, you were in fear of your life, or nothing, then politely invoke your right to remain silent.
    5) Comply with all lawful demands of the officers.

  11. Criminals actually are not the most dangerous adversary in all of our lives.
    White liberals are THE MOST DANGEROUS of all predators.
    Ask Malcolm X.
    They killed him for telling the truth about the white liberal.
    Do not let white liberals take our guns from us.
    Lie to them. Hide your gun.
    Fight them in court.
    Whatever you have to do.

  12. When you dial 911 remember that you're being recorded as soon as it starts ringing, not when the operator picks up. They do this because many people have said incriminating things right before the operator picks up

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