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44 thoughts on “Is a Sword and Shield Good for Self Defense?”
  1. some of the later ones you got the shit beat out of you but if you were using a real sword they'd be cut open and bleeding everywhere sooo… but also a real baseball bat hurts more .. either way .. i think 1 good hit with a sword and you got a bloody mess on your hands and ppl are going to fuck off

  2. I prefer a Spartan shield that's pretty big 30inches and over with any 🪓 I like the tomahawk. A sword is dangerous even for the user in my opinion. And a machete is dangerous just by looking at it. Lol

    Mma is for combat sports that's it. Your home invasion weapons are a gun, shield with knife sword axe etc…
    and bitting and if you box knockout punch. Grappling etc… useless best to avoid.

  3. Shadiversity would destroy you in a few seconds, hard2hurt. 1vs1 HEMA rules. You are delusional. You think you know everything, and you think you’re invincible lol. A mma guy beating a seasoned HEMA practitioner at sword fighting? Lmao 🤣

  4. I've seen the replies videos.
    I love the content here but sword trained beats noob every time.
    It doesn't matter, doesn't make sense.
    Sword,is the force multiplier, and when you add a shield.
    If you are HEMA trained vs say,a baseball bat or crowbar, you are advantaged over the untrained every time.
    Mike, when you grapple and you didn't protect your weapon.
    Fencing, I've done that for 12 years, and my rapier skills would kill in the hallway 99%
    In more open areas where I can use cuts, I'm even more deadly.
    If I use the saber, someone is losing body parts, and I'm betting it's not me.
    But, I've done this for years and I've seen lots of effective tricks for timing and distance and hiding your weapon while still being protected and productive in your defense and offensive system
    When you know the system, HEMA would destroy any home invader without a gun already drawn in some cases, but the gun usually wins.
    Bring a noob off the streets and put them in a mid level class against one of your students who is trained and competitive in the ring and tell me please,who would you make the $1000 bet on to win 😜
    Add sword training.
    Layer that with buckler or shield training, and the home invader loses every time, even if they bring a similar weapon 🔪 🗡️⚔️ or improvised weapon 🔫.
    The only way you are disadvantaged is when you face a gun.
    Lots of HEMA people are already martial artist types and can and will go head to head, empty handed and might beat the person with the weapon anyway because of training.
    Training matters.
    No matter who you are.
    No matter what system you use.
    Training always gives you the edge towards victory in almost any fight

  5. short, front-heavy, with separated (usually 5-8 cm) spearpoint end. It's broadly callled "falchion", but i mean specific type where blade is still ended the way you can pretty consistently stab if you don't have enough space to swing. When you are covered with shield, you can make anything in your way into meatballs very quickly with that weapon. And it's relatively cheap comparing to popular types of medieval weaponry.

  6. I think a good sword for self/home defense would have to be short and either very stabby or very cleavy, if possible both. Cleavy for a short, one-handed sword also means heavy, like a falchion or machete, but that's going to make your arm tired quickly, it's still an issue of having enough space and stabbing is quicker than slashing. One short sword that specialises in stabbing yet leaves the option of slashing is the roman gladius. I think that would be my sword of choice if I had to pick one.
    Also: Rhonda, headmovement! XD

  7. I absolutely would love to see a HEMA person on here who has a lot of experience. From what I've seen, most HEMA schools are legitimately pressure tested much like any other martial art. They allow a lot of shit. I've even seen one video where the other guy got in close and straight up slammed the opponent into the mat with some wrestling. I don't think it's as "nerdy" as some might think, like they're just larping with metal sticks. There's some craft and technique behind it. Sometimes HEMA practitioners even explain they have backgrounds in different martial arts too. I for one would absolutely love to see Mike in some HEMA matches. A lot of people say Mike is too close minded or wouldn't dare be embarrassed on his own channel, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. He's been super open to conversation, he just comes across as a stubborn rough dude because, honestly, that's kinda just his marketing. He's been more than willing to embarrass himself by showing his own matches where he loses or when he messes up his attempts at moves; he even broke down his sparring session with Wonderboy and constantly expressed how wide the skill gap was.

    In my opinion, I think this video was his way of just generating conversation and grabbing attention, which obviously it worked. I really hope Mike manages to contact Shadiversity, Skallagrim, or any of the other big names of swordfighting/HEMA. It'd be really amazing to see such a crossover event and a clash of different fanbases. I can't even think of all the possibilities and conversations that could take place between the two parties.

  8. The main reason you look at old texts for combat instruction is because the amount of melee combat done was much higher and more consistent back then people trained there whole lives mastering different techniques and forms so they could make them into a book. Using historical sources to instruct you can only improve your form. Because alot of the more complex manuvers took masters yrs to develop the patterns and learning that will save you the time of trying to figure it out yourself. The problem occurs when there's strict purest were they think there's only 1 way to fight its best to reference different cultural sources European Asian Middle Eastern and African styles and figure out what manuvers and flourishes function best for you.

  9. For home defense it really depends on the spacing of your house. A katana or 2handed falcion would we extremely effective against anyone breaking in that doesn't have a gun. For smaller spaces a Gladius or kopis (short 1h sword that can stab and slash) and anything in in your off hand a frying pan trash can lid or a sheild will let you fight in the smallest of spaces. And as someone with very little proper education in sword fighting even I can see the issues your running into were even just a few weeks of research and practice would make you 70% more effective with your setup

  10. lol as entertaining as this video is, the one thing that HEMA would teach is to kill without getting mortally wounded or killed yourself. It's very easy to kill with a sword, the harder part is to not take the baseball bat to the head lol

  11. knife, sword and shield all very scary and useful IMO at least. You could have been using the sword on the extremities, too, instead of straight trying for the body. Lastly “Before I learned the art, a punch was just a punch, and a kick, just a kick. After I learned the art, a punch was no longer a punch, a kick, no longer a kick. Now that I understand the art, a punch is just a punch, and a kick is just a kick.” Bruce Lee (not Seth) 😉

  12. while i think it could be legit i just get caught up on the legal defense of yeah i grabbed my sword and stabbed a guy 15 times.

    but sword with shield, primarily using thrusting attacks especially using doorways and hallways yeah totally plausible. personally for my money its pepper spray and a police baton.

    On fencing the lane in fencing is the exact width of a castle hallway.

  13. If you train with it anything pretty much can save you. Some people have a problem with firearms and use stuff like this. To each their own. There was a guy down in Texas repelled a home invasion with a short spear but he's into that stuff and trains with it so was prepared not just flailing with it. Can you imagine the terror of running into that at night? Of course, if they have a gun you're probably dead.

  14. "you need to go back to the old way"

    Well… Ok.. Check this out… Those guys had to fight way way way more then we did. A soldier today… Runs out to shoot a dude with a gun…

    Those dudes charged into a swarm of dudes carrying razor blades… So on that.. The old way guys did know more then us man…

    Id bet… Most men under 25… had slashed a dude down by 15 yo in those days. Where as.. Even though Ive trained Muay Thai, Boxing, Light BJJ (not for too long)… Ive never once been in a melee weapons fight. (knife on knife, club against sword)…

    Also.. Those dudes trained from child hood…. Literally held a sword from the first day they could. We have nothing like this today. As I know. I mean they're might be some ancient tribes in a jungle.. but that's about it.

    We do have living tribes in Africa and they actually have terrifying martial arts.

    Love your show man.. great content.

  15. While I used to own a katana and it actually helped me during a home invasion. I would say the best sword for self-defense depends on the size and strength of the individual. In ancient Japan the women used to have a staff with a blade on the end for their home self-defense and they would teach their daughters how to use it. But, I think the best sword is as varied as the individual. Although, I could see I see Mike wielding a bastard sword 😂

  16. I have Twin Sai at home that i train with. They can be heald in a variety of ways for ranged attacks, dirarming, throwing and you can hold them like brass knuckles and they do far more damage. You can lock arms and snap wrists with them. They were used by ancient japanese "police" forces and are a far supurior version of a batton. They were used as counter weapons to swords for locking and snapping blades. A proper sai has no seperate handle and is one solid peice of steel.

    I also have a morning star, which is a long wooden handle with a foot and a half chain and a 7pound steel ball covered in spikes. I was curious at the damage it can do. So i hung the ball an inch away from my knee and slightly swung it towards my leg. It barely even hit me and it made my leg collapse and i fell over. Those points are no joke. Broke concrete with it easily.

    If i were to swing it at someones head it would completely obliterate the skull and if were to be blocked with an arm it would cause a crazy fracture no matter how much muscle is there. They were made specifically to crush skulls through heavy armor.

    Just imagine if he had actual sword training. No one would be able to touch him. Even without training every one of them died at least twice over before he was taken down lol

    also at 13:30 that one stab wouldve caused instant shock. If its an actual sword it wouldve cut clean front to back, add the twist and slash as you would with a knife and youd have the sword in and out before his arm chambered for a swing. The internal damage wouldve cause an almost instantaneous death. He wouldnt have been able to swing the bat after that.

  17. yo i can't wait til mike gets geared up and fights hema people.
    mike, the things lying around you will begin to see as a viable weapon when you practice hema are going to expand.
    the ability to identify what to do vs a person who has come at you with a weapon you've never seen before will increase.
    there's even hand to hand lessons that can only be learned from swordsmanship, that can expand or enhance your arsenal in ways you would not expect it would.
    i genuinely think you, with your wonderfully practical mind would actually love doin' HEMA. no joke.

  18. A sword with reach, pointy end, and blade I feel would be best for this. That way you can hold up your shield and just stab from relative safety or if they move in you can still slash. I'm debating on if I'd want it to be sharp on both sides or not… A flat side can be useful especially if you end up basically wrestling. Also it obviously needs to be 1 handed easily be the wielder with a shield. A saber could be a good. Maybe a rapier too. But then considering the interior…. like my home currently has some small stuffy areas, if I need to slash with a sword… there just isn't a lot of room for that. So maybe a rapier or saber that's slightly shorter? I dunno, have to think about this. Maybe mock something up too. Generally though, I have a shotgun… so yeah.

  19. You're very naive if you think somebody who specifically trains with a certain weapon will be less effective with that weapon than someone who doesn't train with it. This is so dumb. Even in your sparring "examples" you prove why you need sword training, you got overwhelmed and went into grappling because you don't know how use the sword effectively to avoid that. You disproved yourself.

  20. I think that your combo of shield and weapon makes sense. The perfect buckler for this situation imho would have a powerful light in the center?

  21. Actually this is a good topic very few speak about. I think i would drop the shield though since youre much more likely to bump into one with a knife than a sword or baseballbat and instead have a flashlight for blinding in the other hand. And best sword, def a shortsword since you can use it indoors etc, and it would be much better indoors since you can stab with it than a short baseball bat you can only swing. We talk HOME defense here, its unlikely you'll be walking around with it outdoors so it better be short.

  22. Nagyon jó bemutató, magam is így gondoltam, ez az összeállítás megerősítette az elméletemet. HMB kard- pajzs páros nagyon hatékony, ha hema buckler kard technikákkal ötvözöd. A HMB kard pajzs technikák tartalmaznak pajzsal való ütéseket is, olyan mint az MMA csak páncélban.

  23. Well I am surprised. I expected a million 'the small sword is best for home defence' from HEMA community. 1/2 kilo or 1 pound of thrusting specialisation, no edge. Long enough to out range a bat, not so long to be a hindrance inside.

    I'd prefer a spadroon for the job though basically the same as a small sword, not quite as good at thrusting (still one of the best) but with a single edge to discourage grabbing the blade.

    A Wakisashi would work, but it's chisal point and curve makes it a poorer thruster. A bit short as well.

    Gladius is to heavy and short in comparison. Range and speed are going to be the most important factors against a un-armoured opponent in a confined area.

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