In this video i will show you how to crack a cash box.
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9 thoughts on “Lock Picking a Cash Box – How To Crack A Safe – Crack a Cash Box”
  1. Mine opens to the left and I used scissors. Now it's stuck locked and the top still open. I may be able to close it but i mag have bent it. I needed some in a hurry and have to close back stearhly or try to tell her she locked it like that lol

  2. So ummmmm I don’t have a penknife thingy and I’m too broke to find one plus I’m in quarantine would a Harmer crack it open if I hit it hard enough??

  3. This video is basically useless. You don’t show how to lock it afterward and you have stupid spooky music playing rather than a voiceover so we can properly learn how to get back into our boxes, thanks for wasting everyone’s time bud.

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