RLCraft 2.9 Lockpicking Guide 🔓 How To lockpick In RLCraft 2.9. Lockpicking is a cool new feature in the 2.9 update and also adds new methods to protect your loot in server!

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I’ll be running this from my Twitch channel. To get access to the server you’ll need to join my stream, earn some channel points and then redeem the ‘RLCraft Server Whitelist’ channel point thingy.

▶RLCraft 2.8.2 Guides (many of which are still relevant 😛 ):

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20 thoughts on “RLCraft 2.9 Lockpicking Guide 🔓 How To lockpick In RLCraft 2.9”
  1. This was very helpful because me, being new to RL craft, didn't realize I needed a key for each lock and didn't know how to taken them off without blowing up my base lol

  2. Brugh. If you’re gonna tell me to listen really hard to the sound of the pins clicking to hear the difference then I need to turn the volume all the way up but at the volume you’re practically screaming when you speak and you’re speaking after every time you make the pins click. Wtf

  3. Do you know if locks generating on a chest affect the chests loot table? Locks will spawn on village chests that I already know whats in the chest, so I don't spend the time to open them. Does the lock create a chance for better loot or anything?

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