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SE Lock and Key giveaway rules

While we do not have “official contests” on this channel, we sometimes offer new tools or used locks to giveaway to our viewers during videos and as required we are posting the official rules to comply with YouTube’s Policies.

All of the items we choose to giveaway are wholly compliant and consistent with YouTube’s Terms of Service https://www.youtube.com/static?gl=US&template=terms

Official Rules required to be entered to win a giveaway on this channel.

1. Comment on the video or in live chat with the phrase that was mentioned in the video. If you have been blocked from the channel for prior problems your comment will not be seen and you would not be eligible to win

2. Be of legal age to receive a item that does not have any restrictions really. We do not ever giveaway items that are restricted by age, but if you are under 18 be sure and check with your parents or legal guardians that you would be allowed to possess whatever is offered in a giveaway. We do not send out lock picks or bypass tools in any giveaways.

3: All giveaways are at the sole discretion of SE Lock and Key, LLC and we follow all applicable local laws, guidelines, and ordinances involved in giving items away.

4: UPDATE! Season 4 Episode 24 marked the END of the weekly LOCKFORCE BINGO. We will bring it back for Special Episodes but until further notice NO LF BINGO every week 🙂 It will be announced if we are having a BINGO game

5: No Duplicate/Multiple Accounts just to try to leverage their use to win any prizes or contests we have. If you are discovered utilizing duplicate accounts your name(s) will be removed from our shipping lists and you will be blocked from participating on our channel.

LockForce Bingo: New SPECIAL Bingo Game for #LockForce – No, none of us know how this will work but play anyway! Standard Bingo Rules apply. To mark off a square it has to be called out by the MOD team. LockForce Assemble is a FREE square (cause we always do it)

Get a NEW card on special occasions where we announce BINGO will be played because it shuffles them around. If you do not know how to play Bingo ask your grandparents! Basically fill a row horizontal, vertical, or diagonal to win. First winner calling out LockForce Bingo, wins but since there is a slight delay multiple people can win during the winning square time period (within a couple of minutes after it’s called)

You must submit the completed card to one of the mods or if you are unable to do so you may send the completed card link to selockandkey@gmail.com
Prizes are whatever we decide, whether it be an item(s) and/or a LockForce point, which we have yet to determine what to do with but when we do it will be cool 😉

If you have won recently you may play your bingo game for anyone in chat that you would like to win a possible prize. Let the mods know if you win and who you want the credit to go to.

SE Lock and Key reserves the right to have subscriber only giveaways during lives. Subscribing is free. YouTube requires you to be subscribed for 10 minutes before you can post in the chat.

We reserve the right to disqualify anyone for any reason, and all decisions are final

YouTube, and other entities are in no way partners to this contest, and all applicants agree to release them from any and all liability related to this contest.

Personal data collected as a part of this giveaway or any mailing lists will be used only for the purposes of this giveaway or to receive promotional items such as stickers, etc and will never be released to third parties. There is absolutely no fee or payment required to enter.

Any entries that violate YouTube’s community guidelines will be disqualified: https://www.youtube.com/howyoutubeworks/policies/community-guidelines/

If you use a “spoof account” related to LockForce or the things associated with the live stream without permission you will be permanently blocked by moderators. I would also encourage anyone moderating on other channels to do the same thing as these are not official accounts.

If you got this far, you rock!


One thought on “S5E46 Saturday Morning Live Locksmith Edition "the last”
  1. Good luck with the fence, I hope you have a nail gun because I don't think any of your fancy screwdrivevrs will last too long as a hammer 😛
    Happy thanksgiving to the American LockForces!

    Great live, I don't know what it is, but watching backed up traffic is strangle hypnotic, like watching a lava lamp 🙂

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