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41 thoughts on “Self Defense against a Knife Attack When They Grab and Stab!”
  1. I love how twice during the live demos, mike tried to throw a monkey wrench, and Aaron was sooooo ready for it. He reacted immediately both times and showed how to counter the counter. that's how you know what they're doing is real. You don't see other people do demos where the attacker actively tries to throw monkey wrenches into the demo without the instructor knowing about it, and the instructor being able to go with the flow and still win the interaction.

  2. This is a good video. Over on ASP there was a video in Dubai I believe where a guy got ruthlessly and horrifically stabbed to death after a road rage incident and couldn’t break the grab hand.

  3. If an assailant is attacking you with a knife I think most people would freeze or panic including me, I was always told in a life threatening situation go for the eyes and throat hard and expect to get hurt, but easier said than done scary stuff.

  4. When you're in a real fight you don't see a knife until the cunt with the knife runs away and you see red stuff coming out of your body arther you get stabbed the only thing on your mind is getting to the hospital that's a fact I was stabbed in the back of my neck in1987 I was sliced across my left arm to the bone in 1991 and stabbed in the gut and almost died in 2009 I know someone else who was stabbed and he reckons he didn't see a knife so how do you stop a knife when you don't see one,,, the knife you do see the idiot holding it won't use it they just trying to scar you,,, get out in the real world see for your self,,,,, defend 29% knife attacks or less more like it

  5. One more comment– no matter HOW good you are– or how much you work at it– in a knife situation – YOU GOINA GET YO ASS CUT.. there is no avoiding it– the thing is to MINIMIZE the effect.. I have been cut- but survived-and made the guy REGRET being born.. I've been attacked – as I said 1000 confirmed "transactions"- and I've been cut- been shot- been run over and mashed between two trucks- but NEVER grabbed.. I DID train for all that- just find it odd that i've been through all that crap and NOT ONCe get grabbed..

  6. I'm retired now- 66 (mashed between 2 trucks in 99) was fed bodyguard, ex ranger, multiple high ranking black belts in different styles-40 year experience.. been through 1000 documented "transactions" (called that because someone ALWAYS pays one way or another)..and lost 2. I've NEVER been grabbed- ever. never been choked, grabbed, or anything like that- it has never happened to me. (not saying it doesnt' happen- just never has to ME).. and looks like a great job of training for this.. Wish I could have seen that years ago.. I'm not out where I need that any more. (too bad a shape to use it anyway).. GREAT video and thanks for making that plain to folks that MIGHT need it. I've been in the jungles, deserts, in gang fights in downtown LA and other bad areas-with single and multiple attackers.. all kinds of areas- and as I said NOT ONCE did I get grabbed.. ever. The only guy ever to choke me-regretted it terribly (and he was a "friend" that was more or less joking- which I found out AFTER he did it).. which is why I said it never happened– not on the streets, or anywhere for REAL.. GREAT job though- good logic!!!!

  7. If someone's trying to grab or punch me, i'm automatically leaning my upper body backwards and low kicking onto opponents knee. Running away would be the next step, not even trying to defend.

  8. I just keep cringing as you are pointing with that knife. I was a meat cutter and had a guy raise a knife on me once. Scary as hell. They were so damn sharp.

  9. Thts always a gr8 self defense, telling them, fuck u dude!! Lmfao, u guys are awesome, gr8 personality & humor, & very helpful, love you's guys, (no homo)! Lol 😆🤙

  10. I have watched enough brutal stabbing murders to know you want to definitely break that lever arm off of you Asap. They grab you and just wail away with that knife. You can block some but when they mix it up body, head, chest and torso you stand little chance. Get that bastard off off you quickly. Fact is when someone is swinging a knife at you that is what you are going to pay attention to.

  11. Seen the fancy and full on knife disarms of Kung Fu and CQC military styles.. Though this one is good. Step by step common sense information for non pro fighters, and ordinary citizens.

  12. From the positions in the thumbnail, I'd pivot on my right heel, dropping my left foot back behind it and turning my hips out while capturing high on the sleeve of the arm he reach for me with and pulling it down. This will make his knife hand go as far off target as possible and he'll have two choices: raise the knife arm for balance, b/c you don't try to post a hand holding something to catch yourself OR to drop the knife so he can post a hand and catch himself. If our body mechanics are such that the initial pull doesn't floor him, I'd then go for the knife arm directly or quickly after taking his back, before he can try to gouge me over his shoulder or with a chicken wing.

  13. We were taught in the Marines that while the hand may hurt you, the knife can kill you. If possible, ignore the grab hand and focus on the knife hand. But if you must address the grab hand, you MUST be prepared to quickly transition to defending/defeating the knife. It may not have to be a direct contact with the knife – a good blow to the throat, popping of the ears, etc, can often cripple your opponent such that you can take them. As always, overwhelming violence of action works in your favor.

  14. Was a little frustrating we’re trying to learn from you two guys butYou were pissed farting around right through the whole video which made it difficult to sit down and watch. So I didn’t bother watching right through

  15. People if you can run away do so pull away spit in there face chances are they will close there eyes for a second there's your only chance too grab wrist

  16. The technique that I have been taught and that works extremely well is to grab the wrist of the grabbing arm with your opposite hand as you grab that same arm just above the elbow step in and turn (ten kan) the opposite leg slides back and the attacker is slammed into the ground best case or rendered helpless by the extremely painful control or breaking of the grabbing arm.

  17. Really great quality instruction combined perfect with entertainment. Do plenty more with him. Lol… I'd watched this one before… Duh… Must pay closer attention.😜😜😜

  18. Being stabbed would suck. Carry a damn gun. If u can't, don't go in bad areas without a friend. I realize it could happen at any time, anywhere. but gun free
    Zones And Known gang hoods, and homeless encampment area's, are a no brainer.
    Never flash money, or jewelery, and giving cash to homeless people is a
    No no. If u can, carry a stun gun, or taser, or Pepperball gun, mace, your own knife, Anything to give you a advantage.
    If you live in a bad hood, know safe routes to and from were u are going. Always have a way out. Mabey look into getting some stab proof vests, or clothes if you are Reilly worried about it. And train. Training your body to defend these attacks. It builds muscle memory, in fight, flight, or freeze situations. It'll help you to respond and not die. Stay safe out there, and be as humble as u can. But be stern, and dont take shit. You have the right to defend yourself, and they don't have a right to stab you, so there is always that. Respond accordingly.

  19. Yeah it's all so good on a wide open area. But in an enclosed space, either with limiting walls, or tables and chairs, or other people….well then, so much for for this nonsense. And have you ever seen how someone gets shanked…well good luck with your hypotheticals. Enjoy the dance.

  20. Best advice for a guy with a knife is flee. If you can't, just know no matter what type of training you have, you will either be stabbed or slashed, at that point you try to destroy the threat and mitigate how badly you get wounded.

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