UTAC will be in North Carolina, in Wilmington, this coming August. And we’d love to meet some cool new students in our upcoming Tactical Lock Picking course. Immediately following our 2-day long lock picking course we are teaching an advanced covert entry course that also focuses on key cutting and key generation for field operations and that class only has 1 seat left to fill. Our standard Tactical Lock Picking course, based on Emergency Entry with non-destructive methods, is wide open and has about 16 seats left to fill and it will be packed full of covert entry skill and tool training!

You can always feel free to reach out and ask us questions or visit our website for more info: UncensoredTactical.com/courses


2 thoughts on “Tactical Lock Picking Training – 2022”
  1. I hope you post a video of what you learn what tools you will get in this course and I hope you make a video showing people a few secrets and tricks from the class to get them interested

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