I’ve heard the idea of putting a lighter or roll of quarters in your hand as a fist load repeated over and over as “wisdom” for years… but I’ve never heard anybody that knew how to fight say it.

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38 thoughts on “Testing a Roll of Quarters and a Lighter for Self Defense | Are”
  1. You shouldn't make tight fist to throw a punch and should only tighten it right before impact and having it snapping about 2 inches into the body and then you won't need to have a fist load or any other weapon to do damage!!!!

  2. Speaking for all those who grew up in street fights, i can personally guarantee that this works. Ive personally used em to my avail and ive personally seen ppl get laid out by lighters/quarters.. THIS IS NOT REDNECK its definitely a hood weapon. This is not better bc of weight or mass, its better bc you can make a tighter fist.

  3. People who are older, remember the Rockford files, with James Garner, he always used a roll of dimes, not quarters πŸ™„ πŸ€” he got quarters one time, hurt his hand. Would you rather be hit with a 3 pound sledge hammer or a 6 pound sledge? E=mc2, extra mass =more energy.

  4. A buddy in high school loaded his fist with a lighter and gotta 1 punch KO……
    My thought is he probably woulda gotten the Ko even without the lighter… it was a street fight.

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  6. I've always heard it as a roll of nickels I think
    Also will make you kick harder — because you will get more torque from throwing hands back, or equivalent

  7. The power of the punch is controlled by the brain. The more solid a fist feels to the brain the more power it will allow in a punch. Clenching an object while punching creates a more compact fist and locks the wrist. U can teach kids how to punch by clenching an eraser When they punch

  8. My surgeon told me to use a Fist Pack or he would not fix my hand again. Can not say if it made me hit harder or not, but I never had to see him again, so there is that πŸ˜…

  9. I was impressed with how he just sent the non-dominant hand πŸ˜‚ but then I saw the reaction and remembered uncertainty is an adaptive quality that keeps us from breaking our hands πŸ˜‚

  10. It's a "ghetto" inner city thing actually. "We" as in during my youth and getting into trouble, we would carry either a lighter or chapstick in our pockets. The reason being because the lighter/chapstick in your fist prevents your fist from "collapsing" during a fight and you're suppose to be able to hit harder without breaking your fist, while fighting bare knuckle. The other main reason why gangs and youth in my city would do this is because neither is a weapon. If you happened to get your butt arrested for fighting or doing other dumb stuff, you can't get charged for carrying a lighter and or chapstick on you, compared to if you had a gun on your or brass knuckles, etc. Even though all of the cops (in the area) would know the real reason why all of us kids were carrying around a lighter/chapstick.

    Long story short it gives you a, "little bit" of a advantage if you happen to get into a fight. But all in all, it's just a poor person's get by, from getting arrested for carrying around some brass knuckles or anything else that's only purpose is to be a weapon.

  11. I would think that holding it in you hand would keep you fist from collapsing. I would say with all the joints and tissue and muscles it will collapse even just a little.

  12. Its not Abt the weight dudes. Its Abt the fact that the opening in there with the weaker joints majes those joints the weakest link. So the blowback of the hit pressure goes through the weakest point. When you take out that weak point your hit follows through with bigger muscles after the initial impact. Make sense?

  13. The idea of the lighter isn't so that you necessarily hit harder, it's to keep your fist from collapsing and breaking your fingers/knuckles because as you said, most people can't make a proper fist and they tuck their thumb into their fingers, but as a by-product your fist is more solid.

  14. As far as using what we used to call a fist pack. I think you hit the nail on the head. At best it may reinforce someone who doesn't know how to punch and give them more confidence to throw it.
    I do think you should train a little bit more on your offside though. My instructor used to say " if you can do it on your right you should be able to do it on your left."

  15. The lighters make your knuckles more pronounced.. your chances of inflicting a slicing blow increase when an object is clutched in your hand.
    The other Advantage is some of the energy from the punch gets dissipated into the lighter.. it keeps your hand and wrist slightly safer.
    Plus if you're someone that doesn't know the mechanics of making a proper fist or punching, it creates a better form

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