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Ever since the first car was invented, it was clear that it would have a big impact on our lives. During the years car became more popular and a way that would help us manage our daily lives. However, until the early 90’s it seem like cars were easily subject to theft which hurt the owners and insurance companies. In the mid 90’s, transponder car keys were introduced as part of a sophisticated system inside the car’s computer which would eliminate theft. Reports showed that theft was decreased by at least 75% since transponder car keys introduced.

Transponder car keys are laser cut and constructed with an electronic chip inside the head cover. The transponder chip communicates with the car’s onboard computer system once inserted in the ignition. The computer then confirms if the transponder car key inserted in the ignition is indeed the right key. If its not the right key, then the car would not start. However, if it does recognize the signal, the car will start without any problems. It is recommended having an automotive locksmith in Portland to make you a transponder car key as a backup or if a new one is needed.

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